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U.S. President Donald Trump reacts as he arrives at Harrisburg international airport. Carlos Barria/Reuters

World Leaders Didn’t Take Trump at His Word on Trade. Now They’re in a Pickle.

Perhaps the world should have taken him a bit more literally. In his 2000 book, The America We Deserve, Donald Trump wrote: “What I would do if elected president would be to appoint myself U.S. trade representative; my lawyers have checked and the president has this authority. I would take personal charge of negotiations with the Japanese, the French, the Germans. Our trading partners would have to sit across the table from Donald Trump and I guarantee you the rip-off of the United States would end.” Read More

May 22, 2018

Trump's China Deal is the Worst Ever

Accord focused on soybeans and gas does nothing about huge tech-sector challenges.

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April 16, 2018

Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)
U.S. Needs Asian Partners in Economic Fight With China

Trump right to reconsider TPP even if allies resist renegotiation bid.

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April 6, 2018

Who Will Walk Trump Back From This Trade War?

The president doesn't care about the damage he's doing, but others must.

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