With the Castro era coming to a close in Cuba, it may be time for President Donald J. Trump to take back some of his predecessor’s concessions to Havana.


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North Korea


China is North Korea’s biggest trade partner and arguably has the most leverage on Kim Jong-un’s regime. But while Beijing appears willing to condemn its neighbor’s nuclear developments, analysts say its cautious policies remain focused on stability.






The expulsion of Russian diplomats by more than twenty governments is a remarkable show of unity and a deepening of Moscow’s rift with the West.


A growing list of brazen foreign operations signals that there are few constraints on Russian intelligence under Vladimir Putin’s leadership.


The circumstances surrounding the attack on a former Russian spy in England leave little doubt that Russia was the culprit and cast a lengthening shadow over the global regime to stop chemical weapons.


The new tariffs are a high-stake gamble that economic shock and awe can succeed where negotiations have failed.




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Energy and Environment

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Speakers discuss the proposed amendment to China’s constitution to eliminate presidential term limits, allowing President Xi Jinping to remain in power indefinitely, and the implications for China’s domestic politics and its relationship with the United States.


Panelists discuss current U.S. policy toward Afghanistan and Pakistan and explore other possible military and diplomatic options to address the ongoing conflict.

Women and Economic Growth

Speakers discuss gender disparity in corporate boardrooms, and what businesses can do to promote diversity and inclusion in the global labor market.

Expert Spotlight

Robert McMahon

Managing Editor

Robert E. Rubin

Chairman Emeritus; Former Secretary of the U.S. Treasury




Human Trafficking The Scourge of Modern Slavery

Slavery, long banned and universally condemned, persists in many corners of the world, victimizing tens of millions of people.

Kurds The Time of the Kurds

The Kurds are one of the world's largest peoples without a state, making up sizable minorities in Iran, Iraq, Syria, and Turkey. Their history is marked by marginalization and persecution.

Trade How Are Trade Disputes Resolved?

Dispute resolution mechanisms have become increasingly controversial as countries grapple with their implications for sovereignty, domestic regulation, and the enforcement of international obligations.

Japan Abenomics and the Japanese Economy

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has introduced an audacious set of economic policies designed to spur the country out of its decades-long deflationary slump. The results have so far been mixed.

Saudi Arabia How Stable Is Saudi Arabia?

Saudi Arabia’s stability is not under immediate threat, but questions about the Kingdom's fate in longer-term will persist.

Featured Publications

Energy and Environment

Solar energy is the world’s cheapest and fastest-growing power source, but its rise is in danger of stalling. Varun Sivaram argues that realizing solar's potential will require innovation—creative financing, revolutionary technologies, and flexible energy systems.

Political History and Theory

The award-winning author of The Battle of Bretton Woods reveals the gripping history behind the Marshall Plan—told with verve, insight, and resonance for today.

U.S. Foreign Policy

In chronicling the adventurous life of legendary CIA operative Edward Lansdale, The Road Not Taken definitively reframes our understanding of the Vietnam War.